About Us

Forever21 Malaysia 

Forever21 Malaysia has been opened in Malaysia since 8 years ago. The location of the company is at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. Our company is one of the branches in Malaysia that offers fashion and accessories from the big name company which called Forever 21. The brand is very well known throughout many countries over the world. We manage to open this branch in Malaysia to make people easier to buy the clothes and so on by walk in and online in Malaysia. We are also given an easy way for people who stay close to our county to get Forever 21 stuff especially in Malaysia.

The vision of the our company is to be the best and well known company in Malaysia who sell fashionable and trendy clothes and accessories with the best way of delivery and services to our customers.

The mission of the company is to get more customers who can subscribe online and register with our company. We also want to be the best medium for people in Malaysia to get Forever 21 stuff. Our company also wants to compete with other brands in Malaysia such as Mango, Levis, Zara and many more.

The objective of the online website is to make people easier to make an order and get the stuff in faster way. The customers do not have to take time to go the shop. They can just order anything by browsing through the website.